What we associate with Roadshows...

Roadshows bring the product, brand or company to the customers.

In short: Roadshows are travelling events to present a product/products, services or companies.


With their exciting nature, roadshows leave long-lasting positive memories, not just for the end customers.


  • Roadshows are ideally suited for reaching retailers and business partners more easily and above all more cost-effectively than, for example, a traditional trade fair. The roadshow visits a suitable city and stops at the highly frequented places, which are particularly appreciated by the target group.


  • For the most part, roadshows are very well suited for introducing particularly undecided customers to a product. A professionally organised roadshow can precisely target the target group and its locations.


  • In order to organise a roadshow, the organiser does not necessarily have to spend a fortune or hire large outdoor spaces. With the right organisation, smaller target groups, such as retailers, business partners or invited guests can also be informed about the product or the company.


  • In principle, roadshows are realisable in almost all scales and localities: Whether it is a pedestrian zone, a shopping centre or a seminar room. We have creative ideas ready for all kinds of roadshow and we design tailor-made concepts to ensure a successful Promotion-on-Tour.


A roadshow should be an unforgettable experience, which the customers will associate with the presented product or company in the future. This means that the events within a roadshow must be planned intensively and for specific target groups. The stronger the roadshows are oriented towards the target groups, the more effective the functioning of the proposed promotion.